Dear Parent,

In order to make the fee payment convenient we are going ahead with the implementation of NACH/ECS facility for parents. In this facility payments will be auto-debited from your Bank account every quarter just like EMI for a loan. To avail this facility you are requested to fill up a mandate form (available at the city office) and submit it with a cancelled cheque. The following points are for your guidance.


1. You are requested to maintain sufficient balance in your account from which the fee amounts are to be debited on the respective due dates every quarter (April, July,Oct, Jan). Normally, the clearing house will debit your account on the first day of the month in which the fees become payable. However, in the rare case of delay, you must ensure availability of funds in your account.

2. If, at a later date, you wish to change your bank account from which the fees are being debited, you must contact our City Office. A fresh NACH Mandate Form will have to be submitted. Do remember that it takes approximately one month for an NACH Mandate to be registered and till such time, if necessary, fees will continue to be collected using the old NACH Mandate.

3. In the event of any of the quarterly NACH Mandates being dishonoured, you are expected to deposit the amount through the School portal / payment gateway, along with applicable Administrative Charge. For Administrative Charge payable, you may refer to the Almanac.

4. Do note that the period for payment is calculated from the seventh day of the month in which the fee becomes due. Also note that you can deposit the amount through PayTM/School Portal AFTER we receive information about the dishonour of the NACH Mandate. The PayTM portal will, usually, not show the fees amount due from you between the 01st and 07th day of the fee collection month. Additionally, the due amount, when shown on the PayTM portal, is fixed and cannot be altered.

5. For detailed information on payment through PayTM, please refer to the link titled “Online Payments” appearing on the right side of our school website.

6. If your NACH Mandate is dishonoured for reasons of “Insufficient Balance”, but your Bank Statement / Pass Book shows sufficient balance on the day (balance BEFORE the Mandate was presented), Administrative Charge will be waived. You should bring the original Bank Statement / Pass Book, along with a photocopy, for verification by our Accounts Office, within fifteen days of such dishonour. The photocopy will be retained for our records. Administrative Charge will also be waived in case your bank account was sufficiently funded BEFORE presentation of the NACH Mandate, but was dishonoured for reasons beyond your control or due to a fault in the banking system.

7. The school may or may not send an SMS, email or a written notice as reminder in the case of presentation, or subsequent dishonour, of any NACH Mandate. Non-receipt of such SMS, email or notice cannot be an excuse for defaulting on any dues. It is expected that, as responsible parents / guardians, you shall ensure that your ward’s fee reaches the school regularly and on time.

You may contact the school City Office if you have any query.