Visit to Parle-G Factory and Poultry Farm

Class-III/Conducted on-16- 12-17 Venue- Varanasi Industrial area Activity-Visit to Parle-G Factory and Poultry Farm Students of DPS Varanasi of Class III got the exciting opportunity of visiting the Parle-G Factory and Poultry farm. Needless to mention, all the kid’s were buzzing at the prospect of going to the place where one of their favourite treats - biscuits are made! Whereas, poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. First, they visited the Parle-G factory where they saw the process of manufacturing biscuits and the working of the factory. They saw the dough being baked in bulk, after which the biscuits were ready in pieces and packaged mechanically. Towards the end, students received small packets of same. After that they visited the Poultry Farm. As a fact, hygiene is an important aspect of hatcheries, so they provide disinfectant to every student. Before entering the farm, students were asked to clean their shoes and use disinfectant for the sake of hygiene. There they saw chicks in huge number and a big incubator. The eggs were kept in the incubator to get warmth. There the children got the knowledge of egg hatching under artificial condition.

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