Being sensible

Report on Major Activity- Being sensible

Date: 22 nd December,2017
Class: I
Major Activity: Being Sensible
Objective: To make them aware with the term pollution, its causes, common diseases and
.The students of Class I had “Being sensible” as their Major Activity on 22 nd December 2017. The
students were explained about pollution. They all have seen four different videos based on the topic
in their smart class. Teachers also took them for a nature walk to explain them how God has made our
environment and how beautiful is our mother Earth. They also came to know about the benefits of
trees and plants and fresh air or in different words pollution free environment. Teachers also
explained about the various common diseases or problems caused by Pollution. After coming back to
the class from nature walk, they solved an observation sheet based on the videos they saw before
going out. This activity helped in creating awareness among the children about and pollution free
environment. Children have shown their inquisitiveness and eagerness towards the causes for all
types of pollution and its prevention.

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