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Date: 24.8.17 (Thursday)

Objective: The objective of Quiz competition is to encourage students to go beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts in an entertaining way.

The Quiz was conducted in 4 rounds with 12 participants (one student of each house from each class). The selection of the participants was done in the preliminary round where a questionnaire was given to all students and top scorers were interviewed and finalized. The final quiz was conducted on 24 th August 2017.In “Warm up” round each team was asked two questions each for 10 marks. In “Choose your category” round, the team who was lagging behind was given the first opportunity to choose a category, out of the four categories displayed. In “Hide and seek” round an image was hidden behind a group of seven blocks. The team who guessed it right with minimum removal of blocks, was given marks accordingly. It was a buzzer round. In “Fast track” round team was asked a maximum of 8 questions in the time limit of 1 min.The questions which were not attempted by participants were passed to audience, who also participated very enthusiastically. On the basis of total points, the result was as follows:


Position House Participants Position House Participants    
I Courage Bhavini Gupta (Class VA) III Service Samyak Sampudeha(Class VE)    
  Courage Saksham Gautam (Class IV C)   Service Ananya (Class IV F)    
  Courage Arnav Sakshya(Class IIIF)   Service Samridhhi Shah (Class III B)    
II Wisdom Chaitanya (Class VF) IV Harmony Sanskriti (Class VC)    
  Wisdom Akshita (Class IV B)   Harmony Maharsh (Class IV B)    
  Wisdom Yashvardhan Jain (Class III F)   Harmony Navya Singh (Class III F)    

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