Eternal Friends

Date: - 3.8.17
Venue- Classrooms
Wing – Junior Wing Class III to V
Time –House Activity periods (1:55pm to 2:55pm)
Activity: Eternal Friends
An activity ‘‘band making” was organized for the students of junior wing where all the students of class 3 to 5 participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The activity was conducted in the classrooms. Children brought waste materials & ribbons and created beautiful bands out of it.
Class teachers were in a quest of helping the students and selecting the best ones. It served as a platform to showcase their talent and creativity. They also took a vow to conserve the nature and therefore tied bands to the plants and trees in the school campus. The activity concluded with the selection of the best handmade bands from each house. The list is given below:

House Class Name
Courage V A Kushal Gupta
Courage V D Roshny Rutuparna
Wisdom V D Apoorva Ojha
Courage IV G Srijita Pal
Courage IV E Aayaan
Service IV F Aarvi Singh
Courage III D Dhanvin Singh
Wisdom III B Shambhavi Singh
Courage III E Abhinav Krishna

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