‘Good Luck’ Party

Delhi Public School, Varanasi celebrated ‘Good Luck’ party for class XII students on 30 th January 2017 in the school premises. Directors Mr. Pankaj Rajgarhia and Ms. Seema Rajgarhia, Principal Mr. R. K. Pandey, Vice Principal Ms. Ashoo Kalra, and Senior Wing Coordinator Ms. Mukti Pande graced the occasion. Light, the symbol of optimism and hope, eliminates the darkness. Lighting of lamp by dignitaries marked the beginning of the celebration.  The festivity was commenced with inspiring lines of Mr. Ravi Upadhyay. Some students of class XII earnestly came forward to express their feelings in terms of school experiences which were very emotional.  The Director of school Mrs. Seema Rajgarhia focused on significant aspects of examination concluding with time management.  Principal Mr. R. K. Pandey reminded the students about the significance of right decision and honesty in life and showered his blessings. Coordinator of Senior Wing, Ms.  Mukti Pande, encouraged the students with her sagacious advises and enthused them to attain immense elevation in life .The giving out of symbolic T-shirt to class XII students by the Director Mr. Pankaj Rajgarhia Ms. Seema Rajgarhia and Principal Mr. R. K.Pandey  in order to make them realize the lifelong significance of Alma Mater became the centre of attraction for everyone. Teachers also expressed their valuable piece of advice for commendable performance in board examination.

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