Republic Day

With a promise to enrich and preserve our heritage and our ethos, Delhi Public School Varanasi celebrated 68 th

Republic Day in all its solemnity and grandeur on 26 th January 2017. On this momentous occasion the Principal of

the school Mr. R.K. Pandey unfurled the national flag. The waving of the tricolor in the air filled our hearts with

patriotic feelings and motivated everyone to pledge for the honor and integrity of the country. On this occasion

an excellent parade was exhibited by the NCC Cadets and the Council Members. The students took pride in

glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. A beautiful dance performance offering homage to our motherland

mesmerized everyone. After the graceful and spell binding performance of the dancers on ‘Vande Matram’ the

students of junior wing recited a poem to reveal the mammoth amount of sacrifice of our freedom fighters. The

Vice Head Boy of the school Rishabh Keshari, in his speech raised an utmost sense of loyalty and faith towards

the nation. A broad smile could be seen on everyone’s face when the excited students of primary wing

impersonated the national heroes and quoted their famous lines. The highlight of the programme was the

recitation of the everlasting lines from Gitanjali ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’. A contemplative speech by

the Vice Head Girl Ananya Bhartia aroused the feeling of patriotism among the audience. With great gusto and

zest she spoke that this was the day when a new constitution was sketched and approved by the Indian

Constituent Assembly and its significance should be given utmost priority. `The entire school reverberated with

the rhythmic beats of the song ‘Bharti Jay Bharti’. To inculcate a sense of responsibility and unity the inspiring

words of Principal Sir served the purpose fruitfully. In his address, Sir highlighted the major points of

development and deciding role of students for concretizing the pillars of the nation. The students dispersed with

patriotic fervor in their hearts  and with the image of fluttering Tiranga in their minds.

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