About Delhi Public School, Varanasi

The Delhi Public School Society is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmark of its philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission...

Honing a child is perhaps the biggest responsibility for all. It requires an environment that consistently nurtures the young mind, body and spirit and metamorphoses them into strong human beings, repositories of knowledge and skills capable of holding their own in the world outside.
Delhi Public School, Varanasi, is based on the belief that parents and teachers play the most important roles in the learning years of a child. With this view the school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning processes - the child, the teacher and the parent.

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Recent Activities

  • The Mighty Sun

    The Mighty Sun Objective: To tell the children about the ‘Sun’ as the ultimate source of energy The session commenced with the major activity “The Mighty Sun”, it being the ultimate source of energy. The children were taken for a nature walk and told that sun is the biggest star in our solar system. They were also drilled about the importance of sunlight and Vitamin D which is very essential for a healthy body. They concluded the activity by making the “Mighty Sun” with their hand prints and pasting coloured thermocol plates on the palm print. It was an informative activity & children found it exciting to make their own sun.

  • Sources of Light

    The‘show and tell’ activity was conducted to explain the various sources of light. Real objects such as torch, matchsticks, candle and bulb, and cut outs of the sun, moon, stars, fireflies and fire were used for this activity. The students were then given a worksheet to mark the sources of light and to sort the objects in the categories of natural and man-made light sources. They recorded their observations and results on the provided sheet. This activity was a fun filled learning experience for the children and they could learn the concept clearly.

  • Solar Fun

    The ‘Solar fun’ activity based on eight planets was designed to instill the concept in a fun way. The students of Prep were shown a video and a short explanation was given by the teacher. Then students were provided with pictures of planets which they coloured and made head gears. They also coloured the related page in their book.

    To give the students more insight, the planets & their orbits were painted and students donning self made head gears, recited a rhyme on the Solar system.

  • Power Trek

    Activity for the week: - Objective: - To identify the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. In the beginning of the activity, In Class II a couple of videos were shown on ‘Energy and its types’. Thereafter a pictorial worksheet was given to the students in which they had to circle the pictures of non-renewable resources and to draw two pictures of renewable sources. The students were very eager to learn the new concept. This activity was an ideal way to teach the concept of ‘Different types of energy’.

  • KHOJ

    Delhi Public School Varanasi organized an overnight camp “Khoj - an insight into one’s self” on 18th

    and 19th March 2016 for the students of class V. Khoj was a platform where the children got an

    opportunity to become self-reliant and independent inculcating caring and sharing attitude. Day one

    commenced with an assembly where the students took god’s blessings by doing Five Finger Prayer

    followed by an activity ‘Palm Print’. The ice-breaking session explored their individuality and

    connected them with the other campers.

    ‘Connoiseur: Tete-a-Tete’ was a session for the students where the chef masters of Hotel The

    Amayaa and Rivatas were invited who beautifully displayed different types of salads that was a great

    inspiration to enhance the culinary skills of the students. Thereafter the students got ready for the next

    session “Let’s play together”. Games like Shoot the Dragon tail, Roll the Ball, Fun Race etc. were

    true challenges for the students. The boisterous crowd then rushed for another exciting session named

    ‘Stepping into R.J’s Shoe’ where the popular R.J. Shreya of Radio Mirchi was waiting to entertain

    and apprise the students about communication skills. The campers then geared up by putting on the

    dancing shoes around the Bonfire. The next day began with a morning raga followed by special

    Yoga and Meditation session. The students were shown a video- “Introspection” a session based on

    self respect and appreciation. ‘Dictum: Unity is Strength’ was an Interactive Session where the

    campers got an opportunity to display their unity and team spirit.

    The overnight camp concluded with an assembly and a vote of thanks where the students were

    appreciated for maintaining decorum and displaying immense keenness to learn .

  • Unity in Diversity

    Nature, Culture and tradition – Unity in Diversity is the essence of India! To make students aware of traditional dresses of India, an activity was organized for class III in the MF Hall during the House Activity periods. The activity started with the song Hind Desh Ke ….. by students of class IV & V. Children came dressed up in colourful attire representing various states of India. They were grouped according to the location of the states in different directions like North, South, East and West and North -East. After the activity children were able to identify and name the traditional dresses like Mekhla,Chadar, Ghagra,Kanchli ,odhni, mundu, Salwar ,Kameez, Dupatta and so on. Teachers were also dressed up according to the theme. Children participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The activity concluded with the National song Vande Mataram.