About Delhi Public School, Varanasi

The Delhi Public School Society is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmark of its philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission...

Honing a child is perhaps the biggest responsibility for all. It requires an environment that consistently nurtures the young mind, body and spirit and metamorphoses them into strong human beings, repositories of knowledge and skills capable of holding their own in the world outside.
Delhi Public School, Varanasi, is based on the belief that parents and teachers play the most important roles in the learning years of a child. With this view the school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning processes - the child, the teacher and the parent.

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Recent Activities

  • Investiture Ceremony

    The swearing in ceremony of the newly formed council members for the session

    2016-17 was held on 12 th May 2016 at Delhi Public School Varanasi. This ceremony

    evoked the very spirit of duty and responsibility among students. The programme

    began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the Vice- Principal Ms. Ashoo

    Kalra and Coordinators and teachers. The council members were introduced and were

    honoured by the sashes and the badges. Aviral Mehrotra and Ananya Agrawal were

    graced with the sash of Head boy and Head girl. Shrey Kumar Singh and Rishika

    Bansal were adorned by the sashes of the Captain and Vice Captain of Courage

    house. Parth Singh Rajput and Mani Singh became the Captain & Vice- Captain of

    Wisdom House. Rajki Gupta and Priyangi Ranjan were chosen the Captain and Vice-

    Captain of Harmony house. Charu Pasricha and Darshita Shukla were graced with

    the sashes of Captain and Vice- Captain of the Service House respectively. The

    portfolio of Sports Captain was given to Sachidanand Singh and Purnima Singh and

    Vice Sport Captain to Shubh Khanna and Anjum Jamal. The Cultural Heads were

    Pratik Jain and Vasudha Dwivedi and Vice-Cultural Heads were Ayush Rungta and

    Anushika Dubey. Gyanendu Deo Singh and Srishti Singh were declared as the

    Literary Heads and Vice Literary Heads were Akshay Agrawal and Ishika Arvindani.

    In the next segment the prefects were called to embellish badges. Then came the

    somber and the most anticipated moment when the young council members took the

    oath led by the Vice Principal, whereby they declared and vowed to abide by the

    creed of their alma mater, and fulfill their duties according to their respective

    portfolios to the best of their abilities .The ceremony ended with the blessings from

    Vice Principal Madam followed by national anthem including vote of thanks by

    Mihir Jain.


    Delhi Public School Varanasi organized an Inter DPS Basketball Tournament from 6 th May to 8 th May 2016. Nine teams namely DPS Eldeco, DPS Roorkee, DPS Kalyanpur, DPS Bareilly, DPS Allahabad, DPS Aligarh, DPS Haridwar, DPS Kashi, DPS Varanasi zestfully participated in the event. Mr. Mihir Pandey, an International Basketball player and Senior Manager of I.O.B Chennai ,graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The flag of DPS society was unfurled by the chief guest in presence of all the players. He was cordially welcomed with a floral accord and a memento by the Vice Principal of the school Ms. Ashoo Kalra. Lighting the ceremonial lamp marked the commencement of the cultural program. An instrumental presentation, entitledharmony was performed to motivate the players that carried enormous amount of vigour to play the game. To trigger the instinct of togetherness in sportsmen, a dance was performed by the host school. In her address, the Vice Principal welcomed the participants and emphasized on paramount significance of sports ethics. There after the chief Guest addressed the gathering and formally declared the meet open. Eight matches were played on Day 1. The second day i.e. 7 th May was equally eventful as the deciding matches were played. The final day of the Inter DPS Basketball Tournament was a real venture for all the teams. On the third day the final four matches were played and the entire school campus resonated with the cheers. The Valedictory began with the welcome of the Chief Guest Dr.Sushma Ghildyal, Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Education, Banaras Hindu University. She was welcomed with a bouquet and a memento by the Vice Principal. After the formal welcome by the cadets, a mellifluous song was presented by the choir of the host school which enthralled every one. The most awaited part of the programme was the prize distribution ceremony. The Chief Guest felicitated the champion team DPS Roorkee which defeated DPS Kalyanpur by 25 points. Uday Rathi of DPS Roorkee was declared the Best Player of the Tournament.DPS Kashi was at the third position followed by DPS Eldeco. Addressing the assembly, the Chief Guest focused on the significance of sportsman spirit in an individual’s life. She also emphasized on promotion of games and sports at school and university level to inculcate the traits of sportsmanship among the students which would further help them to excel in every walk of life. The Pause Dribble was a dance performance which was a treat to the eyes. The day came to an end with the Vote of thanks proposed by Ms Bharti Singh. The programme was well anchored by Saransh Agrawal and Tanay Singhania of class IX.

  • The Mighty Sun

    The Mighty Sun Objective: To tell the children about the ‘Sun’ as the ultimate source of energy The session commenced with the major activity “The Mighty Sun”, it being the ultimate source of energy. The children were taken for a nature walk and told that sun is the biggest star in our solar system. They were also drilled about the importance of sunlight and Vitamin D which is very essential for a healthy body. They concluded the activity by making the “Mighty Sun” with their hand prints and pasting coloured thermocol plates on the palm print. It was an informative activity & children found it exciting to make their own sun.

  • Sources of Light

    The‘show and tell’ activity was conducted to explain the various sources of light. Real objects such as torch, matchsticks, candle and bulb, and cut outs of the sun, moon, stars, fireflies and fire were used for this activity. The students were then given a worksheet to mark the sources of light and to sort the objects in the categories of natural and man-made light sources. They recorded their observations and results on the provided sheet. This activity was a fun filled learning experience for the children and they could learn the concept clearly.

  • Solar Fun

    The ‘Solar fun’ activity based on eight planets was designed to instill the concept in a fun way. The students of Prep were shown a video and a short explanation was given by the teacher. Then students were provided with pictures of planets which they coloured and made head gears. They also coloured the related page in their book.

    To give the students more insight, the planets & their orbits were painted and students donning self made head gears, recited a rhyme on the Solar system.

  • Power Trek

    Activity for the week: - Objective: - To identify the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. In the beginning of the activity, In Class II a couple of videos were shown on ‘Energy and its types’. Thereafter a pictorial worksheet was given to the students in which they had to circle the pictures of non-renewable resources and to draw two pictures of renewable sources. The students were very eager to learn the new concept. This activity was an ideal way to teach the concept of ‘Different types of energy’.